Let's go for the first test of the baccalaureate.

Thursday, more than 500,000 students of Terminale will embark on the test of philosophy.

This year it will take place on site, unlike the year 2020 when the events were canceled because of the coronavirus. 

In a context of adapted tests synonymous for some with "dummy bac" at the end of a year disrupted by the Covid-19, more than 500,000 candidates cross the doors of high schools on Thursday morning to take the written philosophy, the only test maintained with the great oral.

The stake of this test is however reduced: it is the best mark which will be retained, between that obtained in the test and that of the continuous control, on condition of having returned its copy.

Revise "so as not to end up with your hands in your pockets"

This year, to reduce the pressure after a year of Terminale upset by the coronavirus, the continuous assessment will represent at least 82% of the final mark of candidates for the general and technological baccalaureate, the written test in philosophy and that of the grand oral corresponding to the 18% remaining.

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In fact, some high school students already have their baccalaureate.

So will the Terminals be tempted to make a white copy on Thursday?

"I already have my baccalaureate because with the marks of the continuous assessment, I have above 12 in most subjects", explains Alexia, at the microphone of Europe 1. This candidate for the diploma says that she has "revised a little" but only "not to end up with your hands in your pockets".

"It takes a lot of stress away from me"

For this first test of philosophy, Alexia is not really worried.

"I already have an average of 11.5-12 in philosophy. I will try to have more, but if I have 12, that's enough for me already. It takes a lot of stress away from me," she confides.

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At 8 am, the 525,760 students from general and technological high schools will work on four subjects to choose from, instead of three.

On the health side, the Ministry of Education has planned a series of measures.

All candidates will have to work on their copies while being masked.

Offices will be spaced out and cleaned.

And no exams for candidates identified as contact or positive Covid-19 cases: they will be invited to a replacement session in September.