Overseas Network, June 17th. Since the 15th in Taiwan, elderly people over 85 years old have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca. 12 people have died suddenly after vaccination.

Wang Mingju, deputy dean of the National Taiwan University Cancer Center Branch, said frankly that "I was really scared."

  According to Taiwan's Zhongshi News Network, Wang Mingju posted on Facebook on the 16th that 12 people had died suddenly after being vaccinated for two days after the vaccinations for the elderly were opened. Many elders over 80 years of age were trying to protect themselves. I went to get a vaccine, but there was such a result.

He also said bluntly, "I was really scared. Do I want to finish all the remaining hundreds of thousands of AstraZeneca vaccines all the way?"

  According to earlier reports from Taiwanese media, counties and cities on the island will expand AstraZeneca vaccination from the 15th.

However, the vaccine has only been launched for 2 days. As of 0:00 on the 17th, there have been 12 cases of sudden death in the elderly after vaccination in Taiwan, including 1 in Taipei, 3 in Xinbei, 1 in Hsinchu City, and 1 in Hsinchu County. , 3 cases in Taichung, 1 case in Changhua, 1 case in Chiayi City, 1 case in Tainan.

As for whether the cause of sudden death is related to vaccination, it still needs to be further clarified.

(Overseas Net Li Meng)