It was confirmed that the head of the Air Force's Justice Department, who was pointed out as the culmination of allegations of poor investigation into the sexual harassment death case of an Air Force sergeant, requested the Ministry of National Defense to investigate his case at the High Public Officials Investigation Office.

The Ministry of National Defense is expected to report the incident to the Airlift Service as early as tomorrow (18th).

The Ministry of National Defense Prosecutor's Office yesterday seized and searched the Air Force Headquarters' Legal Office, which is responsible for commanding the military prosecutors, who have not investigated the perpetrators for nearly two months after sending the case of sexual harassment to Sergeant A.

The allegation is negligence, and the search and seizure targets include the office of the Chief of Justice of the Air Force, Jeon Ik-soo.

However, it was confirmed as a result of SBS coverage that the Chief Justice Jeon Ik-soo requested an investigation by the Ministry of National Defense's prosecutors' office today, saying, "This is a public investigation-conscious investigation."

Former Justice Department chief is known for alleging that "the Ministry of National Defense's prosecution team unreasonably seized and searched during the internal investigation stage" and "The Ministry of National Defense violated the law requiring the Ministry of National Defense to immediately notify the Air Airborne Service of a case of a high-ranking public official."

An official from the Ministry of National Defense said, "Director Jeon Ik-soo is a general-level officer and is a high-ranking public official, and the charges are also subject to investigation by the Air Airborne Service, so we are actively reviewing the notification."

It is said that the Ministry of National Defense's prosecution team will notify the Ministry of Airborne Affairs of the case as early as tomorrow Ik-soo Jeon, the head of the Justice Department.

The Air Investigation Service may directly investigate the suspect, victim, and the contents of the case, or if the existing investigative agency determines that it is appropriate to investigate, it may retransmit the case.