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Welcome to this European Championship live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you informed of all developments around the European Championship.

  • LIVE:

  • Italy-Switzerland


  • Results:

  • Finland-Russia 0-1

  • Turkey-Wales 0-2

a few seconds ago

The 36-year-old Chiellini has been with us for a while, but this will also take some getting used to for him.

He was able to celebrate for a while, until VAR came on the line and rejected his goal.

a few seconds ago

19' Italy goal disallowed!

 Chiellini thinks Italy will take the lead after a corner, but the VAR has detected a handball.

The defender got the ball against the hand himself, after which he was able to shoot freely.

a few seconds ago

The Italians are constantly on top of the Swiss and that often results in a quick loss of the ball for the Swiss team.

Roberto Mancini's men control the weddings.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

12 'The public in Rome screams for a penalty when Insigne crashes, but referee Sergei Karasjov waves it away.

The winger of Italy did indeed fall somewhat easily, as the VAR has undoubtedly seen.

a few seconds ago

10 'It is those Italians who become dangerous first!

Left back Spinazzola accelerates and then provides a cross to the head of Ciro Immobile.

However, the Lazio striker heads just too high, so goalkeeper Sommer does not have to take action yet.

a few seconds ago

5' Striking!

The Swiss take the initiative in the first minutes, but when the Italians come out once, the fans make themselves heard in the Olympic stadium in Rome.

2 minutes ago

It was indeed the Italians whose passion just burst with the national anthem.

7 minutes ago

Kick off!

The ball rolls in Rome, where Italy is the first country to reach the eighth finals.

7 minutes ago

11 minutes ago

Both teams will take the field in Rome, where the Italians will probably sing along with their national anthem with the most passion.

16 minutes ago

It could just be that we can answer the question below with 'yes' today.

The team of national coach Roberto Mancini has not conceded a goal for nine games in a row.

🧤 Donnarumma in full flight 😍 Clean sheet tonight?



AuthorUEFA EURO 2020Moment of places18: 41 - June 16, 2021

34 minutes ago

Tomorrow around this time, the Orange fever will increase again.

Who should give way to Matthijs de Ligt?

European Championship update: De Ligt back in the starting line-up, but who will be on the bench?

41 minutes ago

Time to warm up in warm Rome.

an hour ago


Switzerland started the European Championship with a disappointing draw against Wales, but national coach Vladimir Petkovic has not made any changes to his starting line-up.

Switzerland setup:


Mbabu, Elvedi, Schär, Akanji, Rodriguez;

Freuler, Xhaka, Shaqiri;

Embolo, Seferovic.

an hour ago

an hour ago


At Italy we see one change in the starting line-up compared to the opening game with Turkey (0-3 win).

Giovanni Di Lorenzo replaces the unfit Alessandro Florenzi.

Marco Verratti is not fit enough to sit on the bench yet.

Italy line-up:


Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Spinzazola;

Barella, Jorginho, Locatelli;

Berardi, Immobile, Insignia.

an hour ago

Who laughs last...

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales captain Gareth Bale takes home the Star of the Match award 👏👏👏 @Heineken |




AuthorUEFA EURO 2020Moment of places18: 14 - 16 June 2021

an hour ago

We're going to shift our focus to Rome, where the first fans will trickle in for the Italy v Switzerland game.

an hour ago

Bale has taken the penalty kicks better, shall we say.

Gareth Bale's penalty.



AuthorSquawka FootballMoment of places17: 23 - 16 June 2021

an hour ago

There are now enough people on social media who make fun of Gareth Bale.

Gary Lineker is also making himself heard.


Landed safely @GarethBale11.

Still think you can reach the green from here.


Author Gary Lineker 💙Moment of places17: 25 - 16 June 2021

an hour ago


Wales records a 0-2 win over Turkey and takes an important step to the eighth finals.

The goals are credited to Aaron Ramsey and Connor Roberts and were both referred to by Gareth Bale, who missed a penalty himself.

an hour ago

an hour ago

90+5' GOAL Wales!


Gareth Bale serves Connor Roberts, who shoots the ball in from close range.

an hour ago

The uproar from just now in the picture.

an hour ago

90+2' The arbiter hands out three yellow cards, including one to Burak Yilmaz.

The striker appeared to be the instigator of the disturbance by frustrating a Wales player lying on the ground.

an hour ago

90 'The referee must ensure that peace is restored, because several players are at odds with each other.

an hour ago

88 'In the counter, the lightning fast James shows all Turks his heels, but the cross from the Manchester United player is not good.

Wales players have failed to close the game on several occasions.

an hour ago

87 'Whew, this was the chance for the equalizer!

Substitute Merih Demiral towers over everyone and heads, but goalkeeper Ward keeps his goal clean.

an hour ago

an hour ago

86 'The Turks have the ball, but a lot has been said with it at the moment.

The team of national coach Senol Günes does not yet know how to become really dangerous in the final phase.

an hour ago

80 'There Bale can almost make up for his mistake!

He heads well towards the ground, but his header ends up in the hands of Turkish goalkeeper Çakir.

an hour ago

Will Bale's miss cost the Welshmen dearly or will the three points go to Wales?

There are still about ten minutes to play.

2 hours ago

76' There's Halil Dervisoglu!

The former player of Sparta Rotterdam and FC Twente comes in, while Orkun Kökçü is still on the bench.

2 hours ago

74 'A bloody nose for Kieffer Moore after a fierce duel with Caglar Söyüncü.

The Welshman does not seem to be bothered by it, but is of course treated to stop the bleeding.

2 hours ago

70 'Partly thanks to Bale, Turkey can still hope for a point against Wales.

However, the Turks cannot really make a fist for the time being.

2 hours ago

This stat definitely doesn't ease the pain of Gareth Bale's miss.

2000 - Gareth Bale is the first player to miss the goal frame entirely with a penalty at the EUROs since Raúl for Spain against France at the 2000 tournament (excluding shootouts).




AuthorOptaJoeMoment of places17: 24 - 16 June 2021

2 hours ago

Bale's miss in the picture.




So o tempo dira.




🇮🇹🇵🇹Moment of places17:20 - 16 June 2021

2 hours ago

62' Penalty missed! 

What a dramatic penalty from Bale.

The Wales captain shoots the ball at least two meters over goalkeeper Çakir's goal.

2 hours ago

60' Penalty Wales! 

Çelik hooks Gareth Bale right on the edge of the penalty area and so the arbiter points to the spot.

The Wales captain will stand behind the ball himself.

2 hours ago

58 'Ward has already started to waste time and arbitrator Artur Soares Dias is not pleased.

The goalkeeper is given a first warning and play resumes.

2 hours ago

54 'Burak Yilmaz - on March 24 still so sharp in front of the goal in the World Cup qualifier against the Netherlands (4-2) - does not get the ball in from close range.

He works the ball high over Ward's goal.

2 hours ago

52 'Gareth Bale for the umpteenth time today with a good through ball towards Ramsey, but this time the midfielder is unable to create a chance.

The Welshmen do get a corner, but it is easily defended by Turkey.

2 hours ago

Kick off second half!

The ball rolls again in Baku, where we see two new faces from the kick-off.

Merih Demiral and Yusuf Yazici (both basic players against Italy) come in for Okay Yokuslu and Ozan Tufan.

2 hours ago

Back to yesterday, when a paratrooper landed in the stadium just before the start of the game between Germany and France.

Regional minister Joachim Herrmann says that snipers had already targeted the paratrooper, but the police saw the logo of environmental organization Greenpeace on his parachute just in time.

"Thanks to the Greenpace logo, he is still alive," said Herrmann.



the detailed response from the Minister on the incident.

2 hours ago

Later tonight, Italy and Switzerland will play the other two teams from Group A.

The final preparations are currently being made in the Olympic stadium in Rome.

2 hours ago

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also present in Baku, but he will not be particularly satisfied with the course of the match for the time being.

2 hours ago


After two serious misses, Aaron Ramsey is still the celebrated man at Wales.

Turkey seemed to come into the game better, but now has to pull out all the stops in the second half to stay in the race for the eighth finals.

2 hours ago

Three times is a charm for Aaron Ramsey today.

After two serious misses, he still gives his team the lead against Turkey.

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