China News Service, June 16th. According to a report by, American Independence Day is approaching. The White House announced that it will hold a grand celebration on July 4.

However, the number of deaths from the new crown in the United States is still alarming, and the spread of the mutant virus continues.

On June 13th, local time, on the last day of the Flower Festival in New York, the exhibition area in Chelsea, Manhattan was bustling with tourists. As New York gradually returned to normal, the Flower Festival was loved by many citizens, and citizens came to the scene to experience the colorful streetscape.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

The White House will host an Independence Day celebration

  According to reports, the White House will host a gathering of 1,000 people on the South Lawn to celebrate Independence Day on July 4, local time. This is also the largest public event planned to be held since U.S. President Biden took office.

  This time, the White House will invite basic industry workers and military families to the party.

At the same time, federal government officials also encourage similar celebrations in various places.

  The White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs said in an email to local officials, “The United States is about to usher in a summer that is very different from last year. A summer of freedom, a summer of joy, a summer of people reuniting and celebrating.”

  Not only that, the National Park Service also announced that tourists are encouraged to go to the National Mall in Washington to watch the festive fireworks display, and all nearby monuments will be open to the public.

New York State and California announced the unblocking

  In New York and California, the governors of the two states announced on the 15th local time that, given that the local population’s vaccination rate has reached a new high, almost all epidemic prevention restrictions on businesses and social gatherings will be lifted.

  New York Governor Cuomo said, "This is an important day. We have been looking forward to this day for too long, and this is what we deserve", and said that these changes mean "we have restored our previous lives."

The new crown continues to spread in the United States, with more than 600,000 deaths

  Despite this, the epidemic in the United States continues to spread, and more than 600,000 people in the United States have died as a result of the new crown epidemic.

  Biden called on the public on the 14th local time to get vaccinated as soon as possible, saying that "we can't bear more pain."

  However, with the recent slowdown in the rate of vaccination, especially the decline in the willingness of people in southern states to vaccinate, Biden may not be able to achieve his goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans before July 4.

  In addition, the spread of the new crown variant virus has also made the future development of the epidemic unknown. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the 15th local time has classified the Delta new coronavirus variant strain first discovered in India as a “worrying variant virus”, and pointed out that its spread is fast and antibody treatment may not be able to completely immunize it. Virus strain. (Finish)