The United States and Russia want to send ambassadors to the other country again.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday in Geneva after four hours of talks with the American President Joe Biden.

In March Moscow ordered its ambassador from Washington back to consultations after Biden replied in the affirmative in a television interview as to whether he considered Putin a “killer”.

A little later, the American ambassador in Moscow was also asked by the Kremlin to leave Russia.

Putin made a statement at a press conference late Wednesday afternoon.

The first meeting between Biden and Putin had ended shortly before in Geneva.

A joint press conference was not planned from the start.

Rather, after Putin, Biden wants to appear in front of the press at a different location.

At the beginning, shortly after 1 p.m., Putin thanked Biden for taking the initiative for the meeting.

Biden affirmed that it was always better to meet in person.

The list of sensitive topics to talk about had been long.

It ranged from Russian cyber attacks on America via eastern Ukraine to nuclear arms control, from energy policy to climate and human rights issues to a possible exchange of prisoners in Russian and American prisons.

The Foreign Service of the European Union announced on Wednesday that it was preparing for a continued deterioration in relations with Russia. That is the most likely, it says in a paper that the EU foreign affairs representative Borrell presented in Brussels.