Joachim Löw, head coach of the German national football team, is known as the man who led the German world champion after a 24-year break in Brazil in 2014. In addition to success, his face is also associated with more unfortunate events: embarrassing sniffs.

Löw was embarrassed by the previous European Championships in 2016 when TV cameras immortalized him digging into his genital area and then sniffing with satisfaction with his fingers.

In the same tournament, he also felt the aromas that came off his armpits - again in the middle of the match.

Löw's wildly wandering fingers raised suspicions again on Tuesday as Germany lost 0-1 to France in their European Championship opening.

The TV cameras shot a German roaring on the bench after 59 minutes at Pelikello.

The 61-year-old champion coach has a confused look on his face.

The forefinger and middle finger are in a frighteningly familiar place: under the nostrils.

The pictures do not show where the fingers have gone before the sniff, but the predictions do not promise good.

- Joachim Löw, again with his fingers under his nose, narrator Toni Saukkola stated succinctly on Yle's TV broadcast.

You can view a screenshot of the TV broadcast from this link.

The Somek people rejoiced at Löw's woods.

The humor was flowery - and in many places so wild that it cannot be opened in this article.

- Three inevitable things in life: death, taxes and Joachim Löw smelling his fingers in a football value tournament, one of the kindest commentators sculpted.

Löw promised five years ago that he plans to improve his habits and stop sniffing his fingers in the middle of the match.

He was very sorry about what had happened.

- When you are under the power of adrenaline, things happen that you don't even perceive yourself, he explained at the time.

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Joachim Löw and the world-famous fingers in the 2018 World Championships Photo: Li Ga

Löw withdraws from the rudder after the European Championships.

He will be replaced by Hansi Flick, who has coached Bayern Munich in the previous two seasons.

Germany will next face Portugal. The match will be played on Saturday at 7 p.m.