(Fighting new crown pneumonia) France plans to end curfew this weekend Macron calls on people to continue vaccinations

  China News Agency, Paris, June 16 (Reporter Li Yang) French official local time said on the 16th that it plans to end the curfew this weekend.

French President Macron called on the public to be cautious and continue to be vaccinated against the new crown.

  On the same day, French Prime Minister Castel officially announced the latest measures to respond to the epidemic.

He said that due to the continued relief of the new crown epidemic, the eight-month curfew will officially end this weekend (June 20), 10 days earlier than originally planned.

  Castel also said that from the 17th, most areas of the country will cancel the mandatory outdoor masks, but taking public transportation, watching games in stadiums, participating in large-scale events and in crowded places still need to wear masks.

  Castel also announced the latest official French vaccination target.

He said that by the end of August, the government hopes to achieve three goals: 40 million people get at least one dose of the vaccine; 35 million people get two doses of the vaccine; 85% of adults over the age of 50 with underlying diseases get the vaccine.

  France reached the target of at least one dose of vaccine for 30 million people on the 12th of this month.

According to the latest data from the French Ministry of Health, 31.08 million people in France have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 16.95 million people have received two doses of the vaccine.

  The French Ministry of Health said that the government will also monitor the number of people who have received two doses of the vaccine, focusing on studying the impact of the mutated virus on people who have received the full vaccination.

In addition, the increase in the vaccination target for adults over 50 years of age with underlying diseases is aimed at avoiding renewed pressure on the medical system by relevant populations.

  Macron commented on the latest official response to the epidemic and vaccination targets when attending a public event in Paris on the 16th.

He said that the government has formulated correct epidemic prevention measures and emphasized that the goal of "unblocking" is always moving forward in a pragmatic manner. It is feasible to relax some restrictive measures in advance.

  Macron once again reminded the French that they must be cautious, and at the same time called on the public to continue to vaccinate, he pointed out that this is the only way to deal with the epidemic in the long term.

During the event, Macron wore a mask all the way except for speaking.

The Macron couple had previously been vaccinated.