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Apple accessories at low prices at Fnac

In 2021, Apple is still one of the world leaders in the high-tech device sector.

Whether in the segment of desktops and laptops, smartphones or smart watches, the Apple brand always has a high-performance solution to highlight.

This also applies to tablets, such as the iPad Pro 12. Declined through different generations, this high-end touchscreen tablet promotes great visual comfort.

Thanks to its generous panel, you can actually take full advantage of your films and series and play your favorite video games without restriction.

Only one accessory is missing from the Apple tablet to make it exceptional.

With a keyboard like the Magic Keyboard, the iPad Pro 12 becomes even more versatile.

Once the accessory is connected, you can use your tablet as a laptop.

It will then be perfect for entering text and other office uses.

You will still be able to use the touchscreen without unplugging the keyboard in cases where touch is more convenient.

So become even more productive with this Magic Keyboard.

At the moment, he is benefiting from a 33% reduction on the Fnac site.

Good Fnac plan: the Magic Keyboard with 130 € reduction

Apple's removable keyboard has been perfectly designed for the iPad Pro 12. Its articulated frame allows it to perfectly cover the contours of the device.

It thus protects it from shocks and falls and does not in any way interfere with the viewing of a film or a serial episode.

This articulated frame is also well thought out.

Ergonomic, it avoids additional muscle fatigue for its user.

Adjustable in inclination, the object does not move once in place and offers a well-studied viewing angle.

The keys are backlit so you can find any of them when the light runs out.

The Magic Keyboard finally includes a touchpad.

This advantageously replaces the mouse and will prevent you from having to carry an additional accessory with you.

And at the moment, Fnac is offering the accessory for the iPad 12 Pro at a much lower price than usual.

With € 130 off, the Magic Keyboard can currently be ordered for € 269.99 instead of € 399.99.

This is a 33% discount that you can take advantage of during the new Fnac offers.

Discover the new Apple offers

In addition to this low price on the Magic Keyboard of the iPad 12 Pro, Fnac has planned to give you many other discounts by July 24.

iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch… In the coming weeks, many will be subject to significant discounts.

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