On the fifth day of the European Football Championship, it was played only in block F. At the same time, the first round of the tournament was played in its entirety.

Journalists Mikko Knuuttila and Saku-Pekka Sundelin and football expert Marko Rajamäki are involved in the verdict.

Tuesday's European Championships

Hungary-Portugal 0-3

France – Germany 1–0

Mikko Knuuttila


How to stop Artyom Juba?

The pre-press conferences of the Owl Russia struggle were dominated by one issue, which has a length of almost two meters and even weighs a hundred kilos.

The Sentter Colossus is Russia's wildest assault weapon, and Markku Kanerva and other Finnish coaching leaders have been thinking about getting under control for more than a year.

On Wednesday, it will be clear whether Owls found the right answer.

Red card

Swedish striker Marcus Berg was his team’s anti-hero against Spain on Monday night.

Berg, 34, failed to use his finish line, and Sweden was left in an undefeated draw.

After the game, Berg got a full-blown stunt on social media, to which the Swedish federation reacted strongly, as it right.

The association filed a criminal report for threats against Berg.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s career stats are even more wild to read after Tuesday.

Small recap: Ronaldo, 36, has now played in five European Championship finals.

No other player has stayed the same.

Ronaldo, who scored two goals for the Hungarian net, has finished 11 European Championship hits.

He is now alone at the forefront of statistics.

Former record holder Michel Platini hit the European Championships nine times.


Pajama party.

The thin horizontal stripes of the jersey used by Germany in these competitions are reminiscent of nightwear instead of sportswear.

Could it be the reason for the German hint of a sleepy start against France?

The Gauls in front looked considerably more elegant and energetic in their electric blue shirts.



The edge commercials for the European Championships spoke of the global power of European football.

In China, the European Championships are watched by a consumer-driven millionaire, to whom Chinese companies marketing their products communicate in their own language.

AntChain's blockchain technology and Hisense air conditioners, among other things, are on display in the side commercials.

Saku-Pekka Sundelin


St. Petersburg pressure cooker.

Belgium humiliated Russia in the opening match in front of its home crowd.

The pressures against Finland are enormous.

Russia’s advantage is that the team didn’t have to travel to or from the fight.

Finland has a mentally and physically difficult trip to Copenhagen.

It could still be good to get out of Denmark and into the new environment after the difficult case of Christian Eriksen.

Red card

More than 60,000 spectators at Budapest’s Puskas Arena looked handsome - and scary.

No masks, no distances.

Hungary’s near-authoritarian leader Viktor Orban loosened corona restrictions ahead of the European Championships as the country’s vaccination program has progressed after Hungary received a lot of vaccines from Russia and China.

The country’s football association decided to open the entire capacity to the stadium.

How does it still feel that certain leaders decide whether the corona situation is bad or not, and Uefa doesn’t care.


Reigning European champion Portugal is only the third favorite in his block after France and Germany, but its team seems stronger than five years ago.

Bruno Fernandes and Joao Felix are new stars, but especially Diogo Jota brings a whole new dimension to the game.

Who flashed against Hungary in the attack and toiled in the defensive direction.

He also wanted to resolve himself, which annoyed Cristiano Ronaldo, who gestured in frustration at the pass.

Something after moving to the bench, Ronaldo hit twice.


According to several articles about him, the Portuguese topper Pepe is an extremely sympathetic person.

As a player, he has been a villain for years, with a full range of immoral tricks.

Absolutely a great player Porto’s veteran topper has always been.

As we age, the atrocities have fallen short.

Aging brings style and wisdom to some.


Whenever the results of Markku Kanerva's crew have deteriorated, talk of a return to the familiar and safe 4–4–2 has begun.

Whatever the circumstances, the Owls grabbed their all-time victory after poor results with a three-top system that Kanerva has purposefully pushed in.

Against Russia, the plan could be different, but with a draw, a good result of 5–3–2 is likely to remain.

Marko Rajamäki


The importance of home advantage in the Russia-Finland match.

When Finland was drawn to block B, many experts thought that Finland's chances of continuing were almost non-existent.

The reason for this was the home advantage of Denmark and Russia, as well as the encounter of the ranking Belgian.

However, the results of the first round turned the situation on its head.

Is it in Russia's interest to play in St. Petersburg after all?

If Russia does not score in the first hour, the pressure of the home crowd will turn against Russia.

Red card

Spain is a clear favorite in block E.

However, the opening match against Sweden ended 0-0.

Despite the result, Spain wins its own block.

The coach of Luis Enrique was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line up.

The game was played in Seville, so one would have thought that Spain could have made an impact even before the game.


This time the surprise card is raised to a star.

Joni Kauko was involved in the pre-press of the Russia-Finland match.

Does this mean he is against Russia in the opening?

The choice is definitely right if Captain Tim Sparv is not 100% fit.

Kauko brings the character and toughness needed in the Russia game to the Owl Midfield.


The Puskas Arena was a fully packed Hungary-Portugal game.

More than 60,000 spectators took care of the atmosphere and Cristiano Ronaldok also got his share of support.

The crowd reacted whenever he touched the ball and rejoiced at every loss of the ball.

Despite this, audience reactions have been needed and are an essential part of the game.

In the end, Ronaldo scored two goals and the crowd fell silent.


Football never ends. In Finland, the Veikkausliiga will be played at the same time as the European Championship finals. In addition, opponents of the Veikkausliiga teams were drawn to the Euro qualifiers starting at the beginning of July. Hopefully HJK, KuPS, Inter and Honka will take the model of Huuhkaji and we will also enjoy success at the club team level.