The Chinese government reported that a part of the fuel rods was damaged and the concentration of radioactive material inside the reactor increased after the US media reported that the nuclear power plant in southern China was "leaked and threatened with radioactive material". It claims that no leaks have occurred.

Regarding the Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong Province, southern China, the US CNN said on the 14th that a French company that maintains the nuclear power plant "has a leak and there is a threat of radioactive materials" and asks the US government for cooperation. I reported that I sent.

On the 16th, China's Ministry of Ecological and Environmental Affairs posted on its website the content of a question and answer session with reporters.

According to this, about 5 of the more than 60,000 fuel rods at Unit 1 of this power plant were damaged, and the concentration of radioactive materials inside the reactor increased.

However, as a result of environmental monitoring around the nuclear power plant, no abnormalities were found, and it is claimed that no radioactive material was leaked to the outside.

In addition, it is said that fuel rods are often damaged by some influence during manufacturing and transportation, and it is also occurring at many nuclear power plants in the world.

Meanwhile, a major French power company that participates in the nuclear power plant business has announced that the Chinese company responsible for the operation of the nuclear power plant has released radioactive materials to the outside in accordance with the regulations of the authorities. It does not reveal the facts.