For the specialist of the United States Anne Touraine, invited Wednesday from Europe Midi, the meeting between Vladimir Poutin and Joe Biden is unexpected, but nothing concrete should come out of it in view of the deplorable relations between the two powers. 

The setting is bucolic, but it will not fool anyone. By the admission of White House advisers, we should not expect much from the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin in Geneva on Wednesday, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The American president and his Russian counterpart will have to avoid getting angry, which will not be easy as the subjects of contention are numerous between the two powers. Joe Biden began this meeting by stressing the importance of the "tête-à-tête" in an attempt to reduce tensions between the two countries.

For the specialist of the United States, Anne Touraine, the main thing is that men finally talk to each other.

"This meeting is already a miracle that it happens since relations between the United States and Russia have never been so low," she recalls at the microphone of

Europe Midi


"Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin a murderer. There are American sanctions against Russia for the cause of Ukraine and Crimea," she lists.

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"This summit is above all to the advantage of Vladimir Putin"

However, the Russian president is expected to do well, showing that he is still capable, despite criticism, of dialoguing with other Western heads of state. "This summit is above all to the advantage of Vladimir Poutine who, while being the bad student on the international scene, still has the right to this meeting with the greatest power in the world, which, in a way, secures him in the position of equal ", points out Anne Touraine. 

Beyond the media coup, nothing concrete should therefore emerge from this meeting. "Vladimir Poutine will do what he always does, that is to say he will politely listen to the remonstrances, especially on human rights. And that will not change anything because he has the duration for him , since he is still in office when he saw five American interlocutors parade ", concludes our specialist.