Finland will face Russia in the European Championships on Wednesday, whose stakes are huge.

Owls practically secure a place in the quarterfinals if it even grabs a point from St. Petersburg’s horn boiler.

With a win, a place to continue would be certain.

The situation in Russia is the opposite.

With a loss, it may be left in the starting block, and even a draw will not give a very good starting point for next Monday's Denmark game.

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On Wednesday morning, behind the eastern border, there were godparents.

Sport-Express reports on a cat named Achilles who predicted the outcome of the thriller.

Snow White's forecast was gloomy: Russia will win 1-0.

There can be many opinions about the skills of animals, including cats, an analyst or a fortune teller, but Achilles has already shown his ability.

It predicted that Russia would lose its opening match to Belgium 0-3.

And no matter what happened: Belgium trained Russia on a score of 3-0.

Finland-Russia will be kicked off on Wednesday at 4 pm. IS will watch the match live.