The Swedish federation is going to file a complaint against people who insulted Marcus Berg on Monday evening.

The striker received hundreds of hate messages on social media after he missed an open goal opportunity in the European Championship match against Spain (0-0).

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"We have decided to file a report. That will happen in the coming hours," safety manager Martin Fredman of the Swedish federation told

SVT Sport


"Probably a lot of people woke up today regretting what they wrote yesterday. But maybe they will get a call from the police later," said Fredman.

According to the Swedish federation, it concerns several hundred hate messages.

In particular, on Instagram, Berg was insulted and called for to deprive him of Swedish citizenship.

"We know that these kinds of online insults are difficult to investigate, but we think this issue is important," said the security manager.

"After speaking with Marcus this morning, we agree that he is a victim and we are going to press charges."

Marcus Berg is disappointed after his miss against Spain.

Marcus Berg is disappointed after his miss against Spain.

Photo: ANP

'You know that shit is going to happen on social media these days'

Sweden mainly had to defend against Spain and had only 25 percent of the ball.

Via Alexander Isak, the team came out dangerous a few times.

Shortly after the break, Isak squeezed past three Spanish defenders and passed the ball to Berg, who could have scored at the far post with a simple tap.

But the former striker of FC Groningen and PSV hit the ball wrong and shot wide.

Berg responded to the hate messages he received at a digital press conference on Tuesday.

"Of course I turned off my social media. Unfortunately these days you know that shit can come after a missed opportunity."

The wife of the former striker of FC Groningen and PSV also received hate messages.

"What's happening on social media is sad. Kids who read it may be affected by it."

"I'm just a footballer who missed an opportunity," Berg said.

"That's incredibly disappointing. But there will be more opportunities, some I will miss, some not."

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'We win together and lose together'

Berg's teammates already protected him on Monday after the game.

"I and all the other players know how important he is to us," said goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

"It's incredibly sad that people are doing this. Marcus knows the rest of the team is behind him."

Fellow striker Isak thought it was "very sad that he is being called names".

"We win together and lose together," said the former Willem II player.

After the match, Berg also received many messages on social media from Swedish fans who supported him and called the insults reprehensible.