On Sunday, several oil slicks were spotted off the Corsican coast.

Since then an investigation has been opened and three boats are suspected for this degassing.

A gesture worthy of "executioners of the environment and the economy" according to Jean-Christophe Angelini.

The mayor of Porto-Vecchio wants to "punish very harshly" those responsible.

It's a nightmare for the Corsican coast.

Three boats are suspected of having degassed a few kilometers from the coast of the Isle of Beauty.

On Monday, oil pellets were even found on the beach of Solaro, in the south-east of the territory.

On Europe 1, Jean-Christophe Angelini, the mayor of Porto-Vecchio denounces this pollution.

He waits for the culprits to be "punished very harshly".

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Oil pollution continues to drift.

The mayor of Porto-Vecchio is obliged to take measures to protect residents and tourists.

"I took a decree which, for the time being, prohibits swimming. The beaches have not been soiled at this stage, but I do not think only of those which are in my town," he explains. it with reference to the beach of Solara.

They are the "executioners of our environment and our economy"

But the mayor of this Corsican town does not hide his "anger".

"It repeats itself over the years and we cannot find a lasting solution to this kind of drifts. I am also angry because a handful of men today set themselves up as executioners of our environment and of our economy ", annoys Jean-Christophe Angelini.

To prevent such pollution from happening again, the mayor of Porto Vecchio calls for "this kind of degassing to be punished very severely".

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And even if "tourist attractiveness also depends on this natural capital", the mayor of Porto Vecchio does not feel worried about this new summer season. "The situation is generally under control, the most serious risk is obviously not incurred", nuance Jean-Christophe Angelini. However, he said he remained "extremely vigilant" and "very mobilized". In the meantime, the investigation to shed light on this malicious act continues.