The former Yugoslav Prime Minister of Kosovo, who took office in March, met with the Serbian president for the first time over Serbia and Kosovo, which are in conflict over independence. Is not visible.

Kosovo, a former autonomous province of Serbia in Yugoslavia, declared independence unilaterally in 2008 after a fierce ethnic conflict, but Serbia still does not recognize independence and the conflict continues.

In Kosovo, in the February elections, a party with a strong stance against Serbia won a big victory, and party leader Culti became prime minister in March.

On the 15th, Prime Minister Culti held the first face-to-face meeting with Serbian President Butich in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to normalize relations through EU mediation.

According to local media, at the meeting, Prime Minister Culti demanded the national approval of Kosovo, which he had claimed so far, but Serbian President Butich refused to say that it was "unrealistic and irresponsible". Is to be highlighted.

After the meeting, EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčak, who acted as an intermediary, said, "It was not a simple meeting, but it is important that it was possible," and it is clear that the next meeting will be held by the end of next month. Did.

Regarding the confrontation between Serbia and Kosovo, in September last year, the former Trump administration in the United States mediated an agreement to normalize relations in the economic field, but since then negotiations have stagnated and no path is visible. ..