Making unguarded railway crossings safer takes too long, say parties in the House of Representatives.

More than a week ago there was another fatal accident at an unguarded railway crossing, this time near the Frisian village of Bozum.

Outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure) had already promised action earlier, but the House wants to see faster steps.

MP Habtamu de Hoop (PvdA) calls the accident "a painful reminder that we must get rid of unguarded railway crossings as soon as possible".

He refers to the Dutch Safety Board, which already said in 2018 that the transitions pose an "unacceptable danger".

CDA MP Jaco Geurts wants to know what the State Secretary will do to accelerate her approach and the VVD agrees.

"Patience is running out," says VVD member Fahid Minhas.

Various parties also want rail manager ProRail to be able to unilaterally decide that a level crossing must be tackled.

At present, the organization is often still dependent on municipalities or private individuals over whose territory the transition takes place.

Van Veldhoven assures that the law for this power will go to the House of Representatives "shortly after the summer".

She also says that "huge work" is already being done to secure transitions and that she will speed up the operation if she sees room for it.

The deadline of 2023 has been met for the time being

75 of the 180 publicly accessible level crossings have already been tackled and "dozens" of secure crossings are also being made even safer, she says.

However, the work is sometimes "complex" and takes a long time.

The cabinet will meet the deadline of 2023 for the time being, the State Secretary believes.

In March this year, NS and ProRail announced that they would immediately take safety measures at 28 crossings.

There was a high risk of accidents there, because a relatively large amount of heavy road traffic crosses the road.

Six crossings were urgently closed and four crossings have a maximum speed limit for train traffic of 90 kilometers per hour.

The measures follow an investigation into a fatal accident at Hooghalen in Drenthe.

Then collided with a heavy agricultural vehicle in an NS sprinter.

The train driver died.

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