Regarding vaccination at the government's large-scale vaccination center, the Ministry of Defense has lowered the target age of 65 years or older because there is still space in the reservation frame, and people aged 17 to 18 to 64 are also eligible for vaccination. Decided to add to.

At the large-scale inoculation center established by the government, inoculation is being promoted for elderly people aged 65 and over, but the reservation frame for the period until June 27 is 8 at the Tokyo venue as of 5 pm on the 15th. There are more than 15,000 cases, and about 33,000 cases are available at the Osaka venue.

In response to this, the Ministry of Defense held a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters on the 15th, and decided to lower the target age of 65 years old and over, and to include people aged 18 to 64 in the target of inoculation.

Reservations can be made online from midnight on the 16th, and by phone from 7am on the 16th.

In addition, as before, the target is nationwide, and it is a condition that you have an inoculation ticket sent from the local government.

However, since the target age of the modelna vaccine used at the large-scale inoculation center is 18 years old or older, it is not applicable to those under 18 years old.

State Minister of Defense Nakayama told reporters, "We have determined that we have been able to fully understand the" inoculation needs "of elderly people aged 65 and over through our efforts so far, and issued an inoculation ticket for reservations. We decided to expand to those over 18 years old who are receiving the vaccination. "