“It seems to me that the main point of all this wave of all kinds of statements from Ukraine in recent days in relation to Nord Stream 2 is an attempt to create information noise.

To clog the news space exclusively with Ukraine and Nord Stream 2, so that within the framework of the bilateral summit of Russia and the United States, the parties seem to be unable to ignore this topic.

But in reality, of course, Ukraine does not influence the agenda, ”the expert said.

He noted that Ukraine is trying to "present the story with the gas pipeline as unambiguously political."

“And all their statements a priori proceed from this.

They are trying to link the project with such political issues ... The project is purely economic, and it is almost complete.

Therefore, no "compensation" to Ukraine from Russia, the signing of any long-term transit agreements after 2024, etc.

there can be no talk, ”Yushkov is sure.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Nord Stream 2 could be launched only if the Ukrainian territories were “de-occupied” and energy security was ensured.

German Bundestag deputy Waldemar Gerdt ("Alternative for Germany") called the idea of ​​the Ukrainian side "to exchange" the launch of the SP-2 for the Crimea nonsense.