In addition to healthcare, odor training has previously been used for wine enthusiasts, perfumers and fragrance researchers.

But after more and more people with covid disease suffered from paresis, loss or distortion of the sense of smell, the researchers at Malmö and Stockholm University realized that their invention could help.

- We started with Exerscent a couple of years ago and looked at different areas of use.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when we heard about the odor symptoms, we realized that this area could be important to explore, says Simon Niedenthal, senior lecturer in interaction design at Malmö University.

Collects odor points in the game

The device is connected to a computer game, where the player collects points by identifying scents.

The points are later collected in a database where caregivers and researchers can follow the user.

The design file itself is free and can be downloaded for later printing in a 3D printer.

The user can buy the scents and electronics needed, commercially.

- What we have tried to do is create a platform for odor training that does not cost much, is easy to reproduce and can be used by caregivers and researchers, says Simon Niedenthal.