Seventeen Palestinians were arrested on Tuesday in a controversial march through Jerusalem by nationalist Israelis.

Many Palestinian organizations saw the flag march as a provocation and had called for a "day of rage".

At least 27 were injured in clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and the police, who wanted to clear the route, according to Palestinian aid workers.

Due to the unrest, the march was accompanied by heavy security measures, with riot police and officers on horseback standing by along the route.

The large-scale violence that many feared did not materialize.

About 5,000 people took part in the march.

They carried blue and white Israeli flags and sang songs of the settler movement.

The nationalists celebrated with their march that Israel took control of all of Jerusalem in 1967.

Yair Lapid, former opposition leader and since the beginning of this week foreign minister, condemned slogans such as 'Death to the Arabs', which some participants chanted.

At least that's not what the Israeli flag symbolizes, he tweeted.

Balloons with firebombs released from Gaza Strip

Before the start of the march, several 'fire balloons' had been launched from the Gaza Strip.

As a result, fire broke out in Israeli communities near that coastal enclave.

When the sun went down, no rockets had been fired.

Palestinians have also used balloons to attack Israel in the past.

Those balloons are filled with helium and incendiary bombs are attached to them.

The balloons are carried by the wind towards Israel.

Such incidents stopped after a ceasefire was signed last month.

This ended a bloody 11-day conflict between Israel and militant groups in the Gaza Strip.

Tension from the march was also followed with concern outside of Israel.

Turmoil in Jerusalem sparked violence between Israel and Hamas last month.

UN envoy Tor Wennesland had asked both sides to act responsibly and prevent the situation from escalating again.