Last Wednesday, in Roubaix, a small dog was abused by strangers.

Treated urgently by a veterinarian, she was then entrusted to an animal protection association, which decided to file a complaint against "X" in order to find the perpetrator (s).

“We took care of a young adult Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Nikita, who was beaten and stabbed ten times,” explains Florine, a volunteer with the Action adoption association.

The animal came from the LPA and had been adopted by a family from Roubaix.

She was also used to running away and it was during one of her escapades that she was injured.

Two emergency operations to save Nikita

“Nikita had to be operated on urgently so that her wounds could be mended, she had multiple bruises and a hematoma on the kidney,” explains the volunteer.

A second operation had to be carried out at night after the discovery of an intestinal perforation.

“Today her wounds are healing but she is not eating.

Nikita is not out of the woods, ”deplores Florine.

The association does not intend to stop there.

On social networks, a call for witnesses was launched to find possible witnesses of the dog's aggression.

Action adoption will also file a complaint in the coming days.


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