, June 15th. According to a report by the US Chinese website, the FBI warned members of Congress in a report that after the attack on the Capitol on January 6, online "Anonymous Q" ( QAnon) Conspiracy theorists may commit more violent actions.

They are shifting from the "keyboard man" of the digital world to taking more actions in the real world.

  According to the report, according to a non-confidential threat assessment report on "Anonymous Q" obtained by CNN last week, some radical followers of the conspiracy theory group believe that they "can no longer believe the enactment of its mysterious leader Q plan of".

The report indicated that "Anonymous Q"'s prediction for the election failed to materialize, but this did not cause followers to give up this conspiracy theory.

Instead, they believe that individual efforts will determine the future direction of the organization.

  The evaluation report said that this could lead followers to seek to harm members of what they call a "conspiracy", such as Democrats and others who differ from their political views, instead of continuing to wait for the actions promised by Q.

On January 6, local time, the joint meeting of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to confirm the results of the Electoral College vote was interrupted because some supporters of the current President Trump broke into the Capitol and caused a large-scale riot. The scene was extremely chaotic.

The picture shows the fire in front of the US Capitol in Washington, USA.

  The FBI non-confidential assessment report obtained by CNN stated that some domestic violent extremists participated in the violent siege of the Capitol on January 6. Many of these people also claimed to be followers of the "Anonymous Q" conspiracy theory.

Among the mobs arrested by the FBI for participating in the riots, more than 20 claimed to be followers of "Anonymous Q".

This shows that the environment may continue to act as a catalyst for some believers to begin to accept the legitimacy of violent actions.

  It is reported that the US Congress Senate Intelligence Committee member Heinrich and Senate Majority Leader Schumer requested a threat assessment of "Anonymous Q" in December 2020, that is, one month before the Congressional riots on January 6.

  In April of this year, the FBI Director promised to provide an evaluation report that could be released to the public.

He also stated that although the FBI is concerned about the potential violence instigated by "Anonymous Q", only when conspiracy theories are linked to criminal acts will they "take it very seriously."

He made it clear that the FBI did not investigate the conspiracy theory organization itself.

  According to the report, "Anonymous Q" is a far-right conspiracy theory organization. They believe that there is a deep government within the US government that opposes Trump and his supporters. This theory originated from an anonymous user named Q in the forum in October 2017. The name "Q" comes from the highest level "Q-level license" in the U.S. confidential license. Supporters of "Anonymous Q" are also called "crazy conspiracy theory cult" and "some of the most fanatical Trump fans on the Internet" by the public.