Taiwan media speculates that the Philippines sends a letter to Taiwan intending to adopt Taiwan-made vaccines, and the Philippine government urgently refutes the rumors: no

  [Global Network Reporter Zhao Youping] Early on the morning of the 15th, Taiwan’s "Mirror Weekly" reported exclusively that the Philippine health authorities sent a letter to Taiwan with the intention of using Taiwan’s self-produced new crown vaccine.

On the 10th of this month, Taiwan’s self-produced high-end vaccine announced that it "successfully solved blindness." Lianya Vaccine is expected to unblindness by the end of the month.

The DPP authorities have always advocated self-produced vaccines, and the news from Mirror Weekly will undoubtedly be regarded as a kind of "blessing."

  However, on the morning of the 15th, the spokesperson of the Presidential Palace of the Philippines responded and denied it.

  The "exclusive" news released by "Mirror Weekly" stated that Taiwan's self-produced vaccines have not only attracted attention in Taiwan, but it has also been reported that at least 5 countries in Southeast Asia have recently negotiated cooperation with Taiwanese vaccine factories. Among them, the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippine Ministry of Health has sent a letter. It shows that it intends to directly adopt the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) standard for self-produced vaccines in Taiwan. As long as any self-produced vaccine successfully passes Taiwan’s EUA review, it is expected that phase III clinical trials will not be required and it will be directly administered in the Philippines.

"Mirror Weekly" also claimed that not only the Philippines, but also Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are also in contact with high-end vaccines for clinical trials and procurement.

  However, within a few hours, Taiwan’s United News Network and “Sanli News Network” reported that the Philippine officials had already “denied rumors and denies” related reports in Mirror Weekly on the 15th.

  United News Network quoted the Philippines’ largest radio and television company "ABS-CBN" as reporting that in response to Taiwanese media reports that the Philippines sent a letter to Taiwan seeking to obtain Taiwan’s emergency use authorization for self-produced vaccines, Harry Roque, spokesperson for the Presidential Office of the Philippines (Harry Roque) In response, he emphasized "I deny this."

  The chief executive of the Philippine government’s inter-departmental anti-epidemic task force, Garvez, also denied that the Philippines had tried to obtain more COVID-19 vaccines from Taiwan, saying, “I have not noticed that there is a request to donate any vaccines, especially those that have not been authorized by the FDA for emergency use. .

  "ABS-CBN" said that they also asked the Philippine Secretary of Health Duke, but Duke did not comment before the deadline.

At present, the Philippine government is opening up the new crown vaccines to the public, including Coxing vaccine, AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine, Pfizer/BNT vaccine, and Russia's satellite-V (Sputnik V) vaccine.

  Taiwan's high-end vaccine announced on the 10th of this month that the second phase of the expanded clinical trial of the new crown vaccine has successfully solved the blindness and will apply to the "Food and Drug Administration" for emergency use authorization.

The Phase 2 clinical trial of the vaccine of Taiwan United Asia Biotech will also be unblinded at the end of the month.

  Regarding the Philippine official "refuting the rumors" so quickly, some netizens on the island sarcastically: "Slap you immediately and wake you up." ↓

  Some netizens said that "1450" (Green Camp Net Army) has been spreading rumors, and now it has been slapped in the face by the international community.

  Some netizens thought of being slapped in the face by Thailand a few days ago and said: After the last time Tsai Ing-wen was slapped in the face by Thailand, he was slapped in the face by the Philippines again......↓

  According to previous news from Taiwan media, Tsai Ing-wen claimed on June 11 that he had ordered the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in that country from Thailand, but due to the "vaccine priority in Thailand" policy, the time for Taiwan to obtain the vaccine was delayed.

However, in response to this statement, Thai Prime Minister's Deputy Spokesperson Dai Suri tweeted on the evening of the 12th to deny it.

In this regard, netizens on the island satirized Tsai Ing-wen's face assault and embarrassed him in Southeast Asia.