Never before had a

gift for passing Selectivity

revolutionized the networks like


de Núria Pajares, a 42-year-old Catalan who tried tik tok during the pandemic, became an


and is now a viral phenomenon for giving her a

Louis Vuitton bag

( the famous


) to his daughter, record his reaction and upload it to the networks, where he has two million followers.

Pajares has told her fans how proud she was of her daughter Mery and her Selectivity grades - "

she has done super well, I'm super proud

" - she says. Then Pajares asked his daughter for her cell phone so that she could see the award that she was taking but that she couldn't see until she did it in front of the camera, something that she was going to like a lot, that they had to go look for Barcelona and

" it was very illu ".

When Mery sees what the gift that so much 'illu' was going to give her, she begins to cry with emotion. The followers of Rajares, with their hearts in their fists, wondered what the tik toker had given their diligent daughter: a trip? A car maybe? None of that:

"her first Luisvi"


the mother said, showing the capture of the bag.

El Pajares and


went viral and within minutes the networks were flooded with memes and criticism of the mother and the daughter's reaction.



has assumed them assuring that they must be respected all, "the good and the bad", but she has defended the gift of the bag because



is a jewel.

As a mother I wanted to have a detail with my daughter, as it could have been a watch, a bracelet of any brand, "he said in an interview in


La hora de la 1

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