Three days after the opening of the trial of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, accused of having murdered his ex-partner Julie Douib, the relatives of the victim were heard by the Bastia Assize Court.

"She told me: 'Mom, I am a victim of violence'", recalls Julie's mother, Violette Douib.


On the third day of the trial of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, accused of having murdered his ex-partner Julie Douib in March 2019, before the assizes of Haute-Corse, the relatives of the victim had the opportunity to express themselves and to share their pain.

"It was Prince Charming," recalls Julie's mother, Violette, when she first met her daughter's former companion in 2006. 

LIVE - Feminicide: follow the third day of the trial for the murder of Julie Douib

However, twelve years later, Julie Douib ended up confiding, she remembers: "She said to me 'Mom, I am a victim of violence. Everything I do is wrong. I have not. brain, he constantly belittles me. He hits me, "" she explains.

Before adding: "She did not tell us everything but she was his hostage. Bruno stole his identity." 

"He will get us back"

Julie Douib's mother collapses during her statements before the Assize Court.

Despite her sobs, Violette Douib wants to follow through on her statements, especially for her two grandchildren whom she has custody of today with her husband.

"Before we left, they were very worried. They were afraid that I could not speak to you," she says. 

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Despite the presence of the accused, Julie Douib's mother adds: "The youngest said to me 'Granny, if you can't speak, daddy will go out. He will pick us up'."

A few minutes later, Jordan, Julie Douib's brother, spoke in turn before the Assize Court of Haute-Corse.

He looks at the box where Bruno Garcia-Cruciani is standing.

"He killed my big sister, my landmark. Today, I'm on medication and I can't console my daughters."

30th feminicide in 2019

Last called, Lucien Douib, the father of the victim, lingers on the reconstruction of his grandchildren and the absence of their father in their lives.

"It has been 27 months since this gentleman has asked for news of his children. His only goal is to take them away from us," he explained.

Thirtieth femicide out of the 146 counted in 2019, the murder of Julie Douib, who had filed several complaints and handrails against her ex-companion, had moved all of France two years ago.

Following this murder, the government launched the Grenelle on violence against women.