Following the G7 summit, US President Biden continued strong pressure on China at the NATO summit. In a statement, NATO identified China as a structural challenge to international order and agreed to strengthen the China-China common front.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim from Washington.


President Biden, who first attended the NATO summit, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the collective security system of the United States and Europe, first worked hard on improving relations with NATO.

[Biden/President of the United States: Let's make this clear. NATO is an institution of great importance to the interests of the United States. It is an essential organization.]

This is to restore the cracks that occurred when former President Trump pressured the European allies to increase defense costs and even raised the argument that NATO is useless.

He then added China as a target for NATO to jointly respond to.

Now that the United States has returned to NATO, the idea is to strengthen the common front with China. In a joint statement, NATO leaders pointed out China as a structural challenge to the international order and promised a joint response.

[Stoltenberg/NATO Secretary-General: We must work together with our allies to solve the (China's) challenge, and we must confront China to protect our security.]

NATO is also negotiating with the US for the irreversible denuclearization of North Korea


urged to resume.

It is evaluated as a diplomatic victory for President Biden, who has been pushing for a joint front on China in all directions as NATO formalized strong pressure on China for the first time.