A major French power company participating in the project met after the US media reported that there was a leak and a threat of radioactive material at a nuclear power plant in southern China, and gaseous radioactive material was released from the nuclear power plant. Although it was released, it complies with Chinese regulations and has indicated that it is not an accident.

Regarding the Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong Province, southern China, the US CNN cooperated with the US government on the 14th, saying that the French company "Framatom", which builds the nuclear power plant and undertakes maintenance, "has a leak and threats radioactive materials". I reported that I sent a letter asking for it.

At this power plant, two new nuclear power plants called "European Pressurized Water Reactors" that adopted French technology have been in commercial operation from 2018 to the following year.

In response to this, France's major electric power company "EDF", the parent company of "Framatom", held a press conference on the 14th, and last week, a gaseous radioactive substance leaked inside one reactor from the Chinese company responsible for operation. It was revealed that the data indicating that was received.

In response, a Chinese company released radioactive material to the outside in accordance with the regulations of the authorities, but said that it was not contaminated within the standard, and indicated that EDF was not an accident.

However, according to EDF, the same phenomenon occurred last year, and we are asking the Chinese side to clarify all the data, and we would like to cooperate with the Chinese side to investigate the cause.