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It's time for news critic Go Hyun-Jun. What is the first news today (15th)?

<Hyun-Jun Ko/Criter of Current Affairs> This

is news from India. A car parked in a residential area in Mumbai, India, fell into a sinkhole in tens of seconds.

A vehicle is sucked into a sinkhole that is 2-3 meters wide. The vehicle that fell vertically would bubble up and sink completely, but it only took tens of seconds for the car to submerge.

It happened in a parking lot in a residential area in Mumbai, India on the 13th local time. Fortunately, there was no one in the car at the time of the accident, so there was no loss of life.

According to local media, the parking lot was built on the site of a nearly 100-year-old well. The concrete was covered over the well, which was 15 meters deep, but the sinkhole was formed after the ground weakened due to heavy rains in recent days.

Residents who were unaware of the existence of the well were said to have requested an explanation from the construction company after the accident, while the police and fire department pumped up the well water with a pump and rescued the submerged vehicle within 12 hours of the accident.


Usually, when we see sinkholes and potholes like this, it means that the vehicle falls out even though there is already a hole in it, and it is shocking to see it slowly fall out in that way. What is the second news?

<Hyun-Jun Ko / Current affairs critic>

This is the next news. In the United States, there was a dramatic rescue of tourists boating on a lake just before they fell down a dam.

Local time Last 10 days, Longhorn Dam in Austin, Texas, USA. A boat carrying four tourists is seen barely hanging on the edge of the dam.

Perhaps these tourists had such a good time that they didn't even see the warning buoy indicating a change of direction, so they came all the way to the dam.

He noticed that he had entered the dam and tried to go back, but it was said that he could not turn due to the strong flow speed. The boat eventually flowed to the edge of the dam. .

Tourists contacted the boat rental company and asked for a rescue, and the company sent another boat to the scene, but it was not enough to rescue them.

Rescue teams that arrived after receiving a report succeeded in tying the tourist boat and the company's boat with ropes and pulling them to a safe side.

Local police said the boat company and rescue team arrived quickly and prevented a major accident.


I'm glad it didn't lead to any major casualties. What is the last news for today?

<Hyunjun Ko / Current affairs critic> A

man in his 20s who lost weight in a short period of time in order not to serve in the military as active duty was sentenced to probation.

The Incheon District Court yesterday sentenced 20-year-old A, who was charged with violating the Military Service Act, to six months in prison and one year of probation.

Last year, Mr. A, who received a notice of military service test, received a physical grade of 4 and attempted to lose weight to serve as a social worker.

He ate only two meals a day for a month just before the test, and cut the amount of food in half. He said that he even ran 2km a day.

As a result, Mr. A's weight has decreased by more than 5 kg, and in the first military service evaluation in October, his height was 172.5 cm and his weight was 47.7 kg.

Then, just before the second test in December, I reduced my weight from 51 kg to 48.8 kg in the same way. In the end, he was judged to serve as a social service worker with a physical grade of 4, but he was eventually charged with evading active duty service, and with this judgment, Mr. A's plan also failed.

If you are sentenced to imprisonment for evading military service or injuring yourself in order to receive a reduction or exemption, you must enlist in active duty service.