The leader of Vox in the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, announced this Monday that she will support the creation of an

investigation commission

in the

Madrid Assembly

on what happened in the

nursing homes of Madrid

in the

first wave

of the coronavirus pandemic .



could lead to the launch of this commission, since it has been registered by Más Madrid, PSOE and Unidas Podemos and it already has a majority to move forward.

The PP, however, could try to block it in the Chamber Table, so that it does not reach the Plenary, because it has a majority in this body (four out of seven members).



consider this initiative "a hunt" against Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In an interview in

Onda Madrid


Rocío Monasterio

has transferred that her training agrees with this commission to try to analyze what has not worked and "solve the problems that continue in the residences."

PP: "It's a coven"




in the Assembly,

Alfonso Serrano

, has disqualified this initiative because it is "a new hunting attempt" and "a coven" against

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

, so it is likely that the majority group in the Chamber will try to block the initiative even though it has the majority of the Plenary.

On the other hand, the right-wing leader has confirmed that she will support the inauguration of

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

so that she continues to lead the region.

As for the budgets, he has advocated for new accounts to come out as soon as possible because they were already ready when the Assembly was dissolved last March.

In this sense, "the fundamental thing", he has emphasized, is to reduce political spending and reform the Statute of Autonomy so that there are fewer deputies in the regional Chamber, for which


and Vox also need the left.

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