Bruno Garcia-Curciani has been on trial since Thursday for the murder of Julie Douib in March 2019. If he admitted to having shot her, he denies any premeditated action.

A version of the facts swept away by the lawyer for the family of the young woman.

"There is still time for him to tell the truth," he hopes at the microphone of Europe 1. 

The trial of the ex-companion of Julie Douib, accused of having murdered her in Ile Rousse, in Haute-Corse, in March 2019, resumes Monday for a third day of hearing.

During the investigation, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani had admitted to having come to the home of his ex-girlfriend, from whom he had been separated since September 2018, and to have shot him before going to the gendarmes.

Heard before the Assize Court on Friday, he denied any premeditation.

Monday will be devoted to the personality of the accused.

Jean-Sébastien de Casalta, lawyer for Julie Douib's family, scans his version of the facts and hopes that he will deliver "the truth". 

"He preferred to lock himself in this posture of denial"

"He is an extremely cold person, devoid of emotionality. Mr. Garcia preferred to lock himself in this posture of denial. There is still time for him to tell the truth, to explain himself, to explain by example that he was invaded by a terrible jealousy and that he could not control himself, to control it ", he confides at the microphone of Europe 1. 

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On the day of the tragedy, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani explains that he was going to the shooting range when he changed his mind on the way to go to Julie Douib, to discuss childcare and his new companion .

"You say you took out your gun to impress her?" The president asked her on Friday.

"That's it ma'am," replied the accused.

Bruno Garcia-Cruciani speaks of an argument which has gone bad, of an accidental shooting then he evokes a "black hole". 

Illuminate "shadow areas"

A version of the facts impossible to accept for Jean-Sébastien de Casalta.

"He had come to stalk the mother of his children, to chase her, to threaten her, to abuse her psychologically and physically. If he could say it, if he could say a few words that would allow us to understand what was wrong with him. was able to live there at the time of this gesture, I believe that this would make it possible to illuminate a certain number of gray areas. " 

Thirtieth femicide out of the 146 counted in 2019, the murder of Julie Douib, who had filed several complaints and handrails against her ex-companion, had aroused questions and a strong emotion throughout France in 2019. It had led to the Grenelle violence against women.