Historically Vôtre brings together 3 great reporters: the pioneer Andrée Viollis - whose history has retained the name of her colleague at Le Petit Parisien, Albert Londres, more than his own - who gave journalism all its letters of nobility by browsing the war fields, from Afghanistan to Indochina, the American Martha Gellhorn who spent 5 years of her life with Ernest Hemingway, and above all 60 years of exceptional career, as a writer and war reporter.

And a great reporter who continues to "" grand-reporter "", from Liberation to the World through the Obs, she signs shock reports: Florence Aubenas.

The guests :


Anne Renoult

, doctor in history, curator at the BNF

Author of

Andrée Viollis, Une femme journalist

, published by the Presses of the University of Angers.


Alexis Jenni

, writer.

The French Art of War

(Gallimard), 2011 Goncourt Prize.

Author of

La beauté dure toujours