The vegetation is lush, the rice dumplings fragrant, and it reaches Duanyang.

  The Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional festival that has lasted for thousands of years, carries the profound feelings of family and country of the Chinese nation.

  "Patriotic is the deepest and most lasting emotion in the world" "For every Chinese, patriotism is a duty and a duty. It is where the heart is and where the love is"... General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly said Patriotism made an important elaboration, emphasizing the need to learn the "four histories" well and cultivate the feelings of love for the party, the country, and socialism.

  This year's Dragon Boat Festival, we are about to usher in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

The hundred-year journey has been magnificent, and the heart will grow stronger at the beginning of the century.

Let us understand the profound feelings of family and country from a few stories about "taste".

  In August 1920, the first full Chinese translation of the Communist Manifesto was translated by Chen Wangdao and officially published in Shanghai.

This pamphlet guided a large number of people with lofty ideals to establish the lofty ideals of communism and devote themselves to the cause of national liberation and rejuvenation. It had an important impact on the birth of the Communist Party of China and the victory of the Chinese revolution.

  In the simple firewood room, a plank was placed on two long benches as a table... In order to translate the "Communist Manifesto", Chen Wangdao, who is proficient in English and Japanese, spent several times more energy than usual.

Once, because he was too focused, he mistaken the ink for brown sugar and dipped it into the rice dumplings, and said, "It's sweet but sweet."

From this, one sentence was said: the taste of truth is very sweet.

  On November 29, 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping told the story of Chen Wangdao's translation of the Communist Manifesto when he visited the exhibition "Road to Rejuvenation".

△On June 3, 2021, the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai was reopened.

The picture shows the full Chinese translations of the first and second editions of the "Communist Manifesto" from August and September 1920 on display in the museum.

  Whenever you move forward, you must not forget the path you have traveled; no matter how far you go to the glorious future, you must not forget the past you have walked, and you must not forget why you started.

  "Now, you are actively preaching the story of the old principal Comrade Chen Wangdao's pursuit of the truth and spreading Marxist theory. It is a very meaningful thing. I hope you will continue to do it and do better..." June 27, 2020, Xi Jinping Reply to all members of the Party Member Volunteer Service Team of the "Communist Manifesto" Exhibition Hall of Fudan University, and put forward earnest expectations to the broad masses of Party members across the country, especially the young Party members.

  Generations of Chinese Communists have deeply cultivated patriotism and passed on the red gene and revolutionary fire from generation to generation.

  "We share the blessings and difficulties with the masses, and the salt is the same as the salty, and the salt is the same as the salt." On February 20, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference that we must educate and guide the entire party to understand The nature and purpose of the party is to insist on doing everything for the people and relying on the people, always putting the people in the highest position in their hearts, and taking the people's yearning for a better life as the goal of the struggle.

  Back then, the Kuomintang reactionary imposed an economic blockade on the Central Soviet Area in an attempt to prevent "a grain of rice, a pinch of salt, and a spoonful of water" from entering the Soviet area.

  In the face of difficulties, the villagers made frequent coups, either opening up the joints of the bamboo poles to install salt, or impregnating clothes with salt water, or even pretending to be beggars, and just transporting salt to the Soviet area.

The villagers surpassed numerous obstacles and risked their lives to help the Red Army out of trouble. The reason is that the Red Army insisted on "there is salt and salt, and no salt is the same", and vowed that "as long as the Red Army has salt to eat, the people's dishes must be salty. of".

  In the winter of 1928, the Red Army captured the salt from local tyrants and distributed it to the villagers.

Villager Li Shangfa was given the salt, and was reluctant to eat it, and wanted to leave it to the Red Army.

In order not to let this precious jar of salt fall into the hands of the enemy, he quietly buried the salt jar in a tree hole at the back of his house.

This possession is 31 years old.

△At the Jinggangshan Revolution Museum, Li Qiude introduced the salt tank donated by his grandfather Li Shangfa.

  Today, this brown clay pot is quietly displayed in the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, and the salt in it has turned black and crystallized.

  "There is salt and salt, and no salt is weak", which vividly interprets the original mission of the communists and deeply demonstrates the flesh-and-blood connection between our party and the people.

  Frogs and birds sing, and rice flowers are fragrant.

In April 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the National Southern Propagation Research and Breeding Base during an inspection in Hainan, and had a cordial conversation with academician Yuan Longping and other agricultural scientists and technicians.

  The general secretary said sincerely that one billion people have to eat, this is the biggest national condition of our country.

Improved seeds play a crucial role in increasing grain production.

We must be determined to develop my country's seed industry, step up efforts to cultivate excellent varieties with independent intellectual property rights, and ensure national food security from the source.

  He under the cool dream, a rice and a life.

Yuan Longping struggled for the hybrid rice business all his life until the last moment of his life.

  Xi Jinping emphasized that our best commemoration for Comrade Yuan Longping is to learn from his noble qualities of loving the party, loving the motherland, loving the people, firm conviction, unswerving, creative and unpretentious, and learning from him taking the needs of the motherland and the people as his own responsibility. With the goal of dedicating to the motherland and the people, he plows the fields for a lifetime, and writes scientific and technological papers on the ground of the motherland in a noble style.

△On May 14, 2021, a combine harvester was harvesting the "Super You Qian" hybrid rice at the Nanfan Public Experimental Base in Yazhou District (Batou), Sanya City, Hainan.

  Innovation is the first driving force leading development.

  On May 28, 2021, Xi Jinping emphasized at the Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 10th National Congress of the China Association for Science and Technology: “Practice has proved that China’s independent innovation career is promising! The vast number of scientific and technological workers in China can do a lot! Workers must use the spirit of advancing with the times, the courage to innovate, and the perseverance to face the frontiers of world technology, the main economic battlefield, the major needs of the country, and the health of the people, grasp the general trend, seize the opportunity, and face directly Face problems, face difficulties, shoulder the important tasks entrusted by the times, and strive to achieve high-level technological independence and self-reliance!"

  "Chang'e 5" realized the sampling and return of extraterrestrial celestial bodies, "Tianwen-1" started Mars exploration, "Haidou-1" completed the 10,000-meter sea trial, "Struggle" successfully sat down, and the Beidou satellite navigation system was fully operational. The Tianhe core module of the Chinese space station was successfully launched, and 5G mobile communication technology was the first to realize large-scale applications...On the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, generations of scientists care about the motherland and the people, defying difficulties, making selfless dedication, and advancing science and technology. , The improvement of people's lives and the development of the Chinese nation have made significant contributions.

  Cultivate the feelings of family and country and maintain the spiritual blood.

Forge aspirations at the beginning of the century and accumulate the strength for forge ahead.

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