After reports of a leak at the Chinese Taishan nuclear power plant, operators have countered speculation about environmental damage.

The environmental data in the plant and in its vicinity are "normal", announced the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) on Monday night.

It is measured regularly.

The two blocks worked according to the safety regulations.

The nuclear power plant is located in the south of the People's Republic, around 40 kilometers south of the metropolis of Taishan.

The French nuclear company Framatome is involved in this.

The news channel CNN had previously reported that the American government had followed up on a report from Framatome about a leak and an "imminent radiological threat".

The company has accused the Chinese authorities of having increased the limit values ​​for exposure to nuclear gases around the nuclear power plant in order not to have to close it.

Suspicious application for exemption

CNN quoted a source as saying that the American government believes that a "crisis point" has not yet been reached, but that the situation needs to be monitored.

American officials believed it did not presently pose a serious threat to workers at the plant or the public.

The American government had consulted with the French government and contacted the Chinese government.

The nuclear power plant is located south of Hong Kong in Yaogu on the coast of the Chinese province of Guangdong. The two pressurized water reactors built with French help were commissioned in 2018 and 2019. The reason for Framatome's notice to the American authorities was a request on June 8 to urgently obtain an exemption, to share American technical data and support to solve the problem, reported CNN.