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It has been discovered that a woman in Ghana, Africa, has been making and selling kebabs from human flesh for eight years.

Foreign media such as Ghanaian media 'Casatintin TV' reported on the 7th local time that they had arrested a 33-year-old woman in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana on charges of selling 'human meat kebabs'.

The woman sold the kebabs in question to an average of 50 customers a day, and it is known that she had a whopping 78 million Ghana cedi (about 15 billion Korean won) in her bank account.

The woman's crimes were brought to a halt thanks to reports from local residents who viewed him suspiciously. A neighbor called the police when a young boy who recently entered the woman's house did not come out again.

Upon receiving the report, the police rushed to the house and found the body of the boy who had died.

Investigations have revealed that women often kidnap and kill children, or bring their promised men home for dinner, poison them, and then use their bodies as food.

Now, the woman has confessed to all the crimes and has been detained by the police.

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(Photo='Kasatintin TV' YouTube)