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With relaxation, the number of burglaries rises

After months of declines, the number

of burglaries

seems to be rising sharply again.

This is evident from figures from the police and insurer Interpolis,

De Telegraaf



The increases coincide with the relaxation of the corona measures.

Since then, the number of burglaries has increased by 36 percent in just under two months.

According to

De Telegraaf

, calculations by the Burglary Barometer show that there were 258 burglaries in the week of 12-18 April, and 351 in the week of 31 May-6 June.

"If the trend continues, it will only get worse and we will slowly move towards the number of residential burglaries before the corona pandemic," provides Sybren van der Velden, project leader for residential burglary at the National Police.

"We saw throughout the corona period that burglaries increased again with the relaxation of measures. Since the curfew was lifted on April 28, we see that again in the figures."

in 4 days

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