(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Taiwan compatriots in Qiong: "Our whole family has been vaccinated for free against the new crown pneumonia"

  China News Service, Haikou, June 13 (Reporter Zhang Qianyi) "Our whole family has been vaccinated against the new crown! With the vaccine protection, we all feel a lot more at ease." Taiwanese businessman Shi Yong told reporters on the 13th that many Taiwanese businessmen around him All of my friends have been vaccinated for free in Hainan, and they are very assured of the safety of the vaccine on the mainland.

  Hainan is one of the gathering places for Taiwanese businessmen to invest in the mainland. At present, governments across the mainland provide various convenient services for people to vaccinate against the new crown.

According to the Hainan Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, the Office took the initiative to communicate and negotiate to implement the new crown vaccination for Taiwanese compatriots in Qiong according to the principle of territorial management and equal treatment.

As of the end of April this year, 868 Taiwanese compatriots in June have voluntarily applied for free vaccinations against the new crown.

  Xie Wensheng, president of the Hainan Provincial Taiwan Association, said that the mainland’s epidemic prevention and control work has been done very well, and the efficiency of Hainan’s new crown vaccination is high. Since March this year, the Hainan Provincial Taiwan Association has notified and encouraged Taiwanese compatriots in Qiong to be vaccinated. This is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of equal treatment.

Taiwanese compatriots in Hainan are enthusiastic about vaccinating the new crown vaccine.

  Xie Wensheng said that when vaccinating, Taiwanese compatriots must register for vaccination, receive health inquiries, sign informed consent, vaccinate, and observe for 30 minutes with the knowledge, consent, and voluntariness. The entire process takes about 1 hour.

  Taiwanese businessman Wu Qicong learned that Hainan completed two doses of vaccinations earlier after the free vaccinations of the new crown vaccine for Taiwanese compatriots in Qiong. "There were no adverse reactions after the vaccines, an extra layer of protection was added, and more in work and life Guarantee".

  The vaccination service provided by the mainland has won praise from Taiwan compatriots.

"A few days ago, I saw the new crown vaccination mobile vaccination vehicle driving into the community to provide door-to-door vaccination services for the people. I told my friends in Taiwan this information and they were very envious." Shi Yong said.

  Taiwan compatriot Lin Ruibin and his father run a farm in Qionghai. He exclaimed, "We can get the vaccine just like the local residents, and I feel very warm." What worries Lin Ruibin is, "My mother is currently in Taiwan and I don't know when we can get the vaccine. Vaccines. During the Dragon Boat Festival, people move around more, and they can only tell their family members to protect themselves and try not to go to crowded places."

  Some Taiwanese businessmen said that they have come to Qiong to invest and live for many years, and this vaccination has once again made them feel that they are "one family on both sides of the strait".