A boy died on Saturday in a boat accident on the Nuldernauw between Putten (Gelderland) and Zeewolde (Flevoland).

The victim was trapped in the propeller of a boat.

Emergency services rushed out en masse, but the victim eventually died in hospital from his injuries.

This was reported by the police on Sunday.

According to a police spokesperson, a dozen young people rented a sloop on Saturday afternoon to sail on the water between Putten and Zeewolde.

One of them jumped overboard for unknown reasons.

"Maybe just to take a dip," said the spokesperson.

"At least there were no engine problems."

The boy then got his arm stuck in the screw.

"It was a fairly large propeller and the boy kept getting pushed under by the force of it," said the spokesman.

A police boat rushed to the scene to provide assistance, but was unable to free the boy.

The sloop then sailed to the harbor at Strand Nulde.

More emergency services arrived at the scene and managed to free his arm.

The boy was resuscitated and then rushed to hospital.

There he died of his injuries.

The police believe it was a fatal accident.