According to various media reports, Christian Eriksen, who was shortened to the field due to an illness in the middle of the Denmark-Finland match, is awake at a Copenhagen hospital.

- We have been in contact with him (Eriksen) and the players have talked to him.

He's doing well.

Players play the match for Christian, Peter Möller of the Danish Football Association said in a Danish radio interview.

Eriksen is accompanied by his relatives in the hospital.

The star player lost consciousness on Saturday after the European Championship match had been played for about 43 minutes.

He received first aid on the ground for several minutes.

The match was suspended and Eriksen was carried on a stretcher to the locker room after the teams had gone there.

Eriksen was already conscious on the stretcher.

The Danish Football Association DBU told Twitter that Eriksen is conscious and the condition is stable.

The match resumed after a break of about an hour.

Finland won the match 1–0 with Joel Pohjanpalo's header.

The event spread to global news.

The program for the same opening block included a match between Belgium and Russia later Saturday night.

The news of Eriksen's case was also known to their teams.

When Romelu Lukaku shot Belgium's opening goal, he ran in front of the camera and said to the camera, "Chris, I love you!"

The English European Championship team, on the other hand, canceled their planned media duty on Saturday after hearing about Eriksen’s illness.