The European Football Championship match between Finland and Denmark was interrupted after a stroke by Danish star player Christian Eriksen.

The scary situation was in the 43rd minute.

Denmark attacked Finland's goal, but Finnish defender Paulus Arajuuri cut the attack within the 16-meter area and Eriksen did not take the ball.

The ball went out of the sidelines.

After that, Eriksen prepared to take the boundary throw.

However, he groped a few steps, after which he shortened to the surface of the field.

Before falling, the ball hit Eriksen's foot.

There was no contact in the situation.

It took the Finnish and Danish players a few seconds to realize the seriousness of the situation, after which the referee blew the game across.

The players and the referee urged the medical staff to the field urgently.

The Danish players tried to wake Eriksen.

It was clear from the TV pictures that Eriksen was conscious.

There was no longer any information about the intoxicating atmosphere of the match.

The audience fell completely silent.

At that point, everyone realized that football didn’t matter at all.

Everyone hoped for Eriksen to survive.

The medical staff who arrived tried to make sure that Eriksen did not swallow his tongue.

The players were shocked by the situation.

For example, Arajuuri, who witnessed the illness at close range, brushed his face in disbelief.

Stretchers were also brought to the field.

The Danish players gathered around Eriksen as a wall so that his battle would not be recorded on TV cameras.

However, it could be seen from the TV images that Eriksen was revived.

After about 15 minutes of treatment, Eriksen was taken off the field and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Based on the news images, Eriksen opened his eyes on the way to the ambulance.

He had an oxygen mask on his face and he held his hand on his forehead.

The Danish Football Association DBU later said on Twitter that Christian Eriksen is conscious.

His condition is stable.

The match resumes at 9:30 p.m.

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