After the game, the Danish team held a shocking event tonight under the leadership of their head coach Kasper Hjulmand.

Hjulmand said the evening was very heavy for the players.

They are close to Christian Eriksen, 29, who suffered a seizure.

Coach Hjulmand cried when giving the interview.

- Christian is one of the best players, but he is an even better person.

- This was a very tough evening, and we were all reminded of what is most important in life.

That is important interpersonal relationships.

It is the people who are close to us.

That is our family and friends.

“Denmark lost, but life won,” the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported on its front page on Saturday night.

Hjulmand says the players ’thoughts are with the Eriksen family.

- I could not be more proud of this crowd who take good care of each other.

The Danish team plans to deal with the events of the heavy evening with professional help.

- We have professionals with us.

We are trying to address this and move forward together.

- We have players here who are emotionally out of stock.

- They support each other.

It was a traumatic experience.


Christian is one of the best players, but he is an even better person.

Kasper Hjulmand answered the question about the continuation of the game at the press conference.

The decision to continue the game after Eriksen’s illness and transfer to the hospital certainly came as a surprise to many viewers.

According to Hjuldman, the team was able to choose whether to continue the game directly on Saturday night or whether the game would not be played until Sunday at 12 noon.

- It would be completely unsustainable for players (playing tomorrow), the coach said.

He said there was no pressure on behalf of UEFA that the match should have continued on Saturday night, but it was easier for players - or “less unsustainable” to play the game out from under than to continue it the next day.

UEFA previously announced that it was decided to continue the match after both teams decided so.

- We respected Denmark's decision, Finland's head coach Markku Kanerva said in Yle after the match.

The Danish players formed a ring around Eriksen as this was revived and escorted his friend lying on a stretcher to the ambulance.

Photo: WOLFGANG RATTAY / Reuters

Danish team doctor Morten Boesen spoke at the press conference about the long minutes on the grass.

- We were shouted at the scene when Christian fell.

I didn’t have time to see it, but it quickly became clear that he had fallen.

- When I arrived, he lay on his side and breathed.

The situation changed quickly, and Eriksen needed resuscitation.

At the press conference, Boesen praised how quickly the stadium doctor and other first aid staff were on hand to help.

The stadium doctor confirmed to the press that he had to revive Eriksen in the situation.

When Eriksen was carried out of the stadium, he was already conscious.

A photo taken by a Reuters photographer of the conscious Eriksen spread relief to viewers.


Boelsen said Eriksen spoke to him between resuscitation and going to the hospital.

- We got Christian back, Boesen said.

After resuscitation, Eris was transferred to a stretcher and taken to an ambulance and police convoy at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Eriksen has called from the hospital to his team’s players.

His condition has been reported to be stable.

The other players of the Danish team did not want to speak at the press conference.

Hjulmand said the team needs a few days to deal with the events.

Hjulmand said Eriksen’s illness was a particularly tough place for Simon Kjær, who is a good friend of Eriksen and also plays in Milan, albeit on a different team.

Kjær first decided to continue the game despite the events, but had to suspend.

- Simon was touched very deeply by this, and I doubted he could continue (the game).

He tried, but it wasn’t possible, Hjulmand says.

- It's hard for me to even imagine that I would have played myself.

Later, in an interview with Viaplay, Hjulmand described the situation as hellish.

- This is like hell .. I'm sorry, but it's clear that when one of yours is up and fighting (for his spirit), it affects me and the players.