The G7 Summit = Summit of the Seven Major Countries was discussed on the second day, and Prime Minister Suga introduced a low-temperature transportation network called a "cold chain" to developing countries to promote vaccination with the new coronavirus. He explained that he was providing support for maintenance and called for the promotion of vaccine support efforts.

The G7 Summit = Summit of the Seven Major Countries held in Cornwall in the southwestern part of England was held on the second day, and Prime Minister Suga and other leaders of each country were on the issue of international health before dawn on the 13th of Japan time. Opened a session about.

At the beginning of the session, Prime Minister Suga announced that he would co-sponsor a "vaccine summit" with an international organization on measures against the new coronavirus and contribute a total of $ 1 billion to the international framework for distributing vaccines. He explained that he provided the vaccine to Taiwan.

On top of that, in order to promote vaccination, we are providing support to develop a low-temperature transportation network called "cold chain" in developing countries, but many countries still need support, such as G7 leaders. We called on them to proceed with vaccine support efforts.

He also expressed his support for the reform of the World Health Organization and the need for further investigation of the origin of the new coronavirus, and said that the international response to infectious diseases should not create a geographical gap. He expressed his support for Taiwan's participation in the WHO General Assembly.

According to the Japanese government, on the other hand, it is important for multiple leaders to ensure transparency in preparation for future pandemics, and WHO is strengthened in view of the delay in information disclosure from the outbreak to the spread of the virus. It means that the necessity such as was pointed out.

In addition, it was pointed out that developed countries should consider and promote the waiver of patent rights, saying that vaccination should be carried out by all means, including developing countries, rather than carrying vaccines. about it.