The market square is in a bigger and more festive atmosphere compared to the celebration of the World Hockey Silver.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Helsinki Market Square after the Finnish men's national football team had won the Danish Championships 1–0 in the European Championships.

According to an IS rep on-site, there were really a lot of young people and motorists present who worked as a sign of victory.

The celebrants have marveled at the victory of the Owls.

“Can you believe?” Comes from one direction if another.

There were at least hundreds of people on site.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

The crowd accommodated a wide variety of partygoers.

There were partygoers with Megaphones, for example.

Their goal was to get the whole party to shout shouts of support from the Owls: "Oh Finland is!"

A few torches have been lit in the market square.

Photo: Johannes Hurmas

Even a few torches at the Market Square were lit, but the Havis Amanda statue has remained out of reach of the celebrants, according to an IS reporter.

Helsinki police tweeted that they were on the spot watching that the party was going safely.

Joel Pohjanpalo scored the Finnish winning goal.

However, the final result of the match itself was sidelined, as the short-circuiting of the Danish star player Christian Eriksen in the middle of the match shocked the whole football world.

Eriksen's condition has been reported to be stable.