Myanmar's military, which continues to crack down on civilians, has accused armed groups of ethnic minorities in the country of conducting military training on civilians, suggesting that some countermeasures may be taken.

In Myanmar, pro-democracy forces announced last month that they had formed a unit called the "National Defense Forces" to protect people from military crackdowns, and civilians are taking weapons to counter security forces. Are one after another.

Zaw Min Tun, a spokesman for the military's highest decision-making body, the National Governance Council, said he was a "terrorist" at a press conference on the 12th, based on the testimony of multiple detainees. "It turns out that armed groups are providing military training," he said.

He strongly accused the armed groups of at least three ethnic minorities who provided military training, saying that "those who learned how to handle explosives through this training are destroying public facilities." , Suggested the possibility of taking some countermeasures.

There are approximately 20 ethnic minority armed groups in Myanmar, of which several armed groups continue to fight with military units, enlisting civilians who resist the army.

As the military has increased its criticism of armed groups, it is possible that air strikes on areas where military training is being conducted will be intensified in the future, which is a tense situation.