The Finnish men's national team won Denmark in their opening match at the European Championships.

The match was interrupted for a long time when Danish star player Christian Eriksen dropped dramatically on the grass after receiving a seizure.

After a shocking situation, many thought the game would not continue.

However, the opposite happened.

Finland finally won the match 1-0.

After the game, Joel Pohjanpalo, the winning goal scorer, told Yle about the decision to continue the match.

According to him, both teams wanted to continue the match.

- Both teams decided together that we wanted to play.

Eriksen himself had stated that he wanted us to be played.

We respected his decision, Pohjanpalo says.

Pohjanpalo said right at the beginning of the interview that thoughts revolved around Eriksen.

- Actually, the only thing that comes to mind is how Eriksen is doing.

We were told that everything looks good.

She is in the hospital and everything should be fine.

- Of course it was hard to go on the field.

One can only imagine how difficult it was for Denmark to go on the field, Pohjanpalo continued.

Eris was rushed to the hospital.

His condition has been reported to be stable.