The Finnish national football team played the first men's value match in its history, and what a result!

1-0 victory in the midst of tough pressure from Denmark.

On Saturday, the result was clearly and rightly overshadowed by humanity.

The illness attack of Danish star player Christian Eriksen shocked the entire football world.

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In Ilta-Sanomat's European Championship judgment, IS football expert Marko Rajamäki and football journalists Janne Oivio and Janne Kosunen packed Huuhkaji's dramatic European Championship opening.

Marko Rajamäki


The dream of all football fans finally came true.

The owls played their first match in the championships.

Before the game, the success of the team's mental preparation was assessed.

Now the question is, can anyone prepare for these events?

Red card

No red card will be dealt now.

All thoughts relate to Christian Eriksen, his loved ones and other players in Denmark.


Joel Pohjanpalo.

Scored him a typical goal.

As a strong player, Jere Urosen broke through the center and scored.

Ventilation after the goal left the spinal cord, but quickly the stylish player understood the overall situation and stopped in between.

The player's solution.

The ventilation of Joel Pohjanpalo was understandably moderate.



The reaction of the Danish players to Eriksen's situation.

The players quickly realized the seriousness of the matter and under the leadership of Thomas Delaney, they blocked visibility into Eriksen.

In this way, first aid was given space and peace to carry out their work.

With the current information, first aid was successful and Eriksen's situation is stable.


The supporters are at the stadium again.

Parken was only allowed to take 16,000 spectators, but they changed the mood of the game.

Proponents of owls showed a great sense of the situation at a challenging moment.

The joint shouts with Danish supporters regarding Christian Eriksen were a great bet.

There are more important things than football!

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Janne Oivio


I have never seen or experienced a football match like this.


Game in progress.

Everyone is waiting for someone to continue for another day.

Then suddenly the game continues.

Under respondent to management.



And in the middle of it all, Finland, the winner.

And yet still be the first in mind that other things are more important.

Experience beyond comprehension.

Red card

Director of International Image.

Christian Eriksen’s resuscitation was shown at close range on many occasions.

Tasteless, vomiting, lousy.

Even in the midst of drama, respect for human life must be maintained.


Christian Eriksen, of course.

But also referee Anthony Taylor and Danish captain Simon Kjär.

Taylor immediately recognized when Eriksen collapsed into the grass that now it was necessary to abruptly interrupt the game and get help on the field.

Kjär led his teammate to create a wall around Eriksen to block TV cameras.

There are many kinds of heroes in all kinds of situations.

They both deserve praise for their smart and fast action.

The Danish players stood in front of Eriksen.

Photo: WOLFGANG RATTAY / Reuters



When Pohjanpalo scored a goal, the emotions were released for a couple of seconds.

Then he remembered what had all happened during the day.

Such an incomprehensible victory should be able to be celebrated as if it were not tomorrow, but not today.

For good reason.



Yussuf Poulsen was brought down inside the area, an easy decision for the referee there.

Lukas Hradecky was phenomenal, as always.

Janne Kosunen


Christian Eriksen shortens to surface.

The horror, uncertainty, and feeling of powerlessness of the next few minutes touched me incredibly deeply.

The Finnish European Championship debut became global news, but for reasons other than gambling.

Most importantly, Eriksen seemed to get better than feared from the serious incident in the end.

Red card

Copenhagen does not have a red swing, but a red card goes to St. Petersburg.

The Belgian players took a kneeling position in the BLM spirit before their match against host Russia, and the audience sang a shocking loud whistling concert for the Belgians.

Russian players listened to it while standing.


Christian Eriksen.

He was the best player on the field even before his seizure, after which he won the biggest match of his life.

For that victory you can bow humbly and gratefully.


Denmark-Finland was played out after the crisis meetings, when Parken had received reassuring news about Eriksen Hospital.

On the field, Finland defended, stretched and blocked Joel Pohjanpalo's goal and Lukas Hradecky's punishment as crowns for Danish rule.

A great win, but because of the off-flavor, you don’t get the kind of enjoyment you would have imagined in the morning to offer a win.

Finland's celebration was moderate - for understandable reasons.



The combined spirit of Danish and Finnish fans in times of crisis.

The concern was shared touchingly.

Although there were European Championship points in the football game itself, every one understood that from 18.43 onwards, there were so many more goals in a game than in one match.

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