[Commentary] "Hefei is my home, I love her, beautiful Hefei I love her..." On June 11, 15 "cute babies" from Kangqiao International School were singing the song "Beautiful Hefei" in Bao Park, Hefei City, Anhui Province. , This is one of the series of activities of "A Family in Taiwan, Heart to Heart on Dragon Boat Festival".

Bao Park is the "cross-strait exchange base" in Hefei. In the afternoon, Taiwan compatriots in Anhui spent singing, making rice dumplings and other activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

  [Concurrent] Li Guoyan, Vice President of Hefei Campus of Cambridge International School

  When we children sing that Hefei is my home, in fact, we grew up in Hefei, and our children studied and grew up here. So from this level, of course Hefei is my home, and our children are also for I love all kinds of activities in Hefei, and it is also a way of learning and growing in this way that we are local in Hefei.

  [Explanation] Zhu Rongzhi, a 72-year-old professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Taiwan Normal University, has lived in Hefei for nearly ten years. Although he has retired, he "retires without rest". In addition to lectures, he also likes to travel everywhere, such as Huangshan and Jiuhuashan in Anhui. He was impressed.

Today, he experienced making zongzi with his lover. He told reporters that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have the same root, and their eating habits and living habits are very similar.

  [Concurrent] Zhu Rongzhi, Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University

  This time is to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. We are the same in Taiwan, with one root and one root. Our folk culture in Taiwan is more than just making zongzi, we also dragon boat competitions, there are many other sachets, and wormwood, etc. It is a tradition and a custom.

  [Explanation] Taiwanese artist Xiao Jujie has lived in Anhui for many years. He said that Anhui has outstanding people, beautiful scenery, and a long history of Anhui culture. It is very suitable for artists to live here. Many professors in Taiwan often come to Anhui to sketch.

Bao Gong is a household name in Taiwan. Today, by visiting Bao Gong Temple, he made rice dumplings with everyone and made him feel the warmth of home.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese artist Xiao Jujie

  It gave these Taiwanese who came to Hefei from Taiwan a very good warm feeling, that is the warm feeling of home, so I think such activities can be held more often, and even more culture and art can be added. Activity, because it is more flexible, not so rigid.

  [Explanation] Because he is optimistic about Anhui's development prospects, the 27-year-old Taiwanese entrepreneurial youth agreed to choose Hefei to invest and start a business.

At present, he is preparing to implement a retirement project in Hefei, and will continue to move his overseas enterprises to Anhui to continue development. He plans to live in Hefei for a long time in the future.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese entrepreneurial youth agrees to Xu

  We are all very optimistic about the development of Hefei, including the development of the entire environment in Anhui. We are all very optimistic about Hefei, especially Hefei, whose short-term progress and growth rate are what we are looking forward to.

  Zhang Jun and Chu Weiwei report from Hefei, Anhui

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]