June 12, 2021 An autopsy on the body of Gianluca Masserdotti of the 54-year-old from Brescia who died of thrombosis twelve days after obtaining the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine was carried out at the request of the family, and not at the disposal of the judiciary.

The man arrived at the hospital, at the Poliambulanza Clinic, with ongoing cerebral ischemia.

"After he had a series of thrombotic episodes and we were only able to donate the liver and kidneys because the other organs were compromised by the blood clots," the 54-year-old's companion, present at home at the time of illness, told the funeral home.

"We will acquire the medical record" is explained to ANSA by the Prosecutor of Brescia which has opened an investigation that in the next few days will pass from the magistrate on duty to the department that is dealing with the events related to Covid and coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Carlo Nocerino.