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Pieter Omtzigt is canceling his CDA membership, he reports on Twitter on Saturday.

The reason for this decision is the damning memo he wrote as a CDA MP about his experiences within the party.

Omtzigt says his intention is to "return as an independent Member of Parliament, precisely because many people have given me that confidence".

CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra reacts "disappointed and shocked".

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Omtzigt announced his decision earlier on Saturday "with pain in my heart" to interim party chairman of the CDA Marnix van Rij.

Omtzigt's note was leaked Thursday evening.

This should not have happened, the text was intended for an internal investigation by the CDA, the politician said on Saturday.

"Unfortunately, my input for the Spies committee was leaked to the media in an unknown way to me. This piece should have remained internal in order to be able to have a substantive discussion there and ask necessary questions," said Omtzigt on Saturday.

In the 76-page memo, Omtzigt wiped the floor with the CDA.

He wrote, among other things, that he has been stripped of the party leadership and that party members have described him as "psychopath, unstable and eating dog".

Omtzigt also wrote that he felt "not always appreciated" and sometimes "downright unsafe" within his own party.

The MP did not mention any examples, but says that he sometimes does not sufficiently recognize the "underlying standards and values ​​of the CDA" in the "internal actions".

"Now that this piece and part of my sharp vision is out on the street, it has become even more difficult for me to continue to function within the CDA. That is a pity, but very clear," Omtzigt writes on Saturday.

Finally, Omtzigt indicates that he wants to return as an independent Member of Parliament, "precisely because many people have given me that confidence".

He has not yet decided exactly how he will continue his political future.

Omtzigt says he will decide when he has fully recovered.

The former CDA member is currently at home overworked.


AuthorPieterOmtzigtMoment of places12: 54 - June 12, 2021

Hoekstra hoped to be able to continue with Omtzigt

CDA party leader Wopke Hoekstra and Van Rij said in an initial response via Twitter on Saturday that they were "extremely disappointed and shocked that Omtzigt has decided to leave the CDA".

"We cannot but respect his decision but had hoped for a different outcome," they write.

According to Hoekstra, the CDA hoped to continue building together with Omtzigt.

On Friday, the party leadership of the CDA already condemned the insults against the MP. Nevertheless, the party did not see how Omtzigt could return to the House of Representatives on behalf of the CDA.

The same day, Hoekstra called Omtzigt's memo on Friday "very annoying and really damaging".

We also have to solve this again," he said, among other things.

Omtzigt's documents were actually intended for the evaluation committee headed by Liesbeth Spies about the CDA's most recent election defeat.

During the parliamentary elections in March, the party lost four seats to fifteen.


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