The Verdi union was reluctant to accept Amazon's plan to raise the starting wage to twelve euros in July of this year and to add another 50 cents in the autumn of next year.

Amazon employs a good 3,500 women and men at its Bad Hersfeld location.

From July onwards, all employees earned "the equivalent of twelve euros or more per hour, regardless of where they work," says Amazon.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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    When asked, union secretary Mechthild Middeke said that given its financial strength, Amazon could do the starting wage in one step instead of splitting the increase.

    So far, the starting wage starts at 11.73 euros.

    Amazon could also pay more than the general 2.5 percent that the group had announced.

    Kaufland is offering three percent.

    Verdi wants to achieve 4.5 percent plus 45 euros per month in the collective bargaining round.

    Different from region to region

    Amazon refers to a number of additional benefits such as employee shares, bonuses and free insurance. A spokesman for the German subsidiary confirmed the planned 2.5 percent for Bad Hersfeld. But he pointed out: "The wages rise differently from region to region, which are sometimes more than 6 percent." The important thing is that there should be a wage increase, subject to the approval of the works council, for all employees in shipping, even if they are already above the above Brand.

    The company automatically increases the fees every twelve and 24 months.

    As a result, employees who worked for Amazon for 24 months would get a budget of at least 13.52 euros.

    The previous starting wages were between 11.30 euros and 12.70 euros for the German logistics centers, depending on the region, at some other locations even higher, as it is said.

    Amazon's HDE membership encourages Verdi

    Middeke has been looking after workers' strike campaigns in Bad Hersfeld for years. In the ninth year, the union tries to get the group into the trade tariff, so far in vain. Amazon still pays below the relevant Hessian tariff. However, the union is encouraged by the company's accession to the main association of German retailers. Middeke sees this as an indication that Amazon no longer sees itself as a pure logistician.